With the cold weather here new skin challenges can arise. Winter-proof your skin with our skincare tips on how you can prep your skin for the cooler temperatures.

The Challenge: Sun Exposure

Yes, in winter your skin will still need sun protection. A lot of people will be forgiven for thinking that in winter it’s less important, however the sun in winter can cause the same damage to your skin so stick with applying your sunscreen.

The Challenge: Windburn and Dryness

The winter elements can make your skin prone to dryness, flaking and cracking. Make sure you keep your skin moisturised and remember sensitive areas such as protecting your lips with a good lip balm.

The Challenge: Oily Skin

People with oily skin may be thankful for the effects that winter can bring to our skin however it’s important not to let your skincare routine slip – it should just be that a routine that includes everyday attention.

The Challenge: Unpredictable Weather

It’s not a bad idea to keep an emergency stash of a variety of miniature products on the move with you. People’s faces can react differently so while you have a rough idea of what your skin needs might be it’s always useful to keep ‘extra’ skincare items to treat typical winter ailments quickly and on the go.

The Challenge: The Extremities

Don’t forget other exposed areas of your skin such as your hands. These too can be affected with cooler temperatures and keeping protection such as gloves and a good hand cream at the ready can help combat any winter related skin challenges.

The Challenge: Dietary Changes

Have you ever noticed our eating habits can change dramatically when the weather does also. In summer it may feel easier to eat healthy and get a variety of nutrients in the form of salads etc. which may not be suitable in colder weather. Remember there are a lot of winter nutrient dishes such as soups and stews that when packed with vegetables are both warming and beneficial for our skin.