Before Laser Hair Removal…

Shave the treatment area

Prior to each laser hair treatment the hair should be shaved or trimmed. It is optimal to have 2-3 days regrowth so if possible aim to do this a few days before your treatment.

Keep out of the sun

Laser technology needs to distinguish between melanin in the hair and skin so it’s best advised for around 4 weeks prior to laser hair removal to keep out of the sun. You can’t receive treatment if you skin is sunburnt or with a suntan.

Fake tan is out also

Again most lasers are looking for contrast between the skin and hair so to work effectively you need to be spray and lotion tan free.

You will need a patch test

While lasers can treat all hair and skin types to get the right settings a patch test needs to be conducted to ensure the best option for your specific skin and hair type.

After Laser Hair Removal (24 hours after each treatment)

Avoid Heat

Try not to undertake any activity that creates heat such as exercise, saunas, steam rooms etc.

Stay clear of certain products

You are best to avoid perfumed products and lotions that may irritate the area – use only recommended products from your therapist to soothe and rehydrate the area.

Avoid any hair removal treatments except shaving or trimming

In between treatments you can shave or trim the area as necessary or the full effects are seen however try not to use other hair removal methods that will pull out the hair follicles or this can disrupt the hair removal process. The unwanted hair needs to fall out of it’s own accord in order to see the best results.

Use Sunscreen

After laser hair removal treatment you should use sun protection on the exposed areas.

With all this in mind if you can have questions it’s important you check with the therapist – they will be fully trained to help best advice you if there is anything you may be unsure of.